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Unlock the power of your practice

TheraTest provides specialist diagnostic products to clinicians and laboratory professionals worldwide. Our team is dedicated to improving patient lives by delivering innovative medical solutions.

AT the LAb

TheraTest helps practices implement in-practice labs through our:

Research-Backed Approach

Shape your in-practice lab with three decades of experience

Powerful Platform

Obtain fast and accurate patient results while enhancing practice revenue

Expert-Led Services

Rely on our people for your lab to stay CLIA-compliant

Joint Pain

Intelligent Solutions

TheraTest offers the intelligent solution for your laboratory by providing specialist assays, instrumentation and support. Find out more about our analyzers and immunoassays.

Upgrade to a New Level

Our innovative products enable timely diagnosis, management, and optimization of therapeutic intervention.




Cutting Edge of Diagnostics

TheraTest offers insight to aid the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of autoimmune conditions.

Recapture revenue with state-of-the-art solutions,

Get Started with TheraTest

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